Mid Autumn Festival @ Chinatown, S’pore

I was in Chinatown, Singapore during the long Malaysia National Day weekend.  As it was close to Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), the place is all decked up in preparation for this year’s celebration.

Chinatown, S’pore all ready for Mid Autumn Festival

Giant flower pot

The main street is decorated in a plethora of flowers in various colours.

The streets are decorated with colourful blooms

The rainbow of colours add an air of festivity and vibrancy to the whole place.  Many tourists, including yours truly, were busy capturing the scene with their cameras and mobile phones :).

Flowers everywhere

Flowers in full bloom in Chinatown

As Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Lantern Festival, there are a few stalls selling lanterns or tanglungs (灯笼) – both the traditional as well as the modern ones that are run on batteries.

Colourful traditional tanglungs

I was also happy to see the traditional pig-shaped biscuits (猪笼饼/猪仔饼) are still being sold.  Nowadays they are no longer sold everywhere and most people only associate Mid-Autumn Festival with the brown round-shaped mooncakes.  These days, the biscuits come in different animal shapes.

Traditional pig-shaped biscuits

Now these biscuits come in various animal shapes

Wishing everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.  中秋节快乐


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