Yay! I am fully vaccinated

As Malaysia is fighting another wave and surging cases due to the Delta variant, the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) decided to shorten the interval between 1st & 2nd dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine from 12 weeks to 9 weeks. 

On my appointed date for my 2nd dose, I headed to World Trade Centre (WTC), KL again.  The place was better sign-posted with different queues to separate those having their 1st dose from those who are getting the 2nd dose. 

Somehow on that day, Station 2 had a lot of appointments for their 2nd dose.  The line was long while Station 1 and Station 3 moved very fast as there was hardly any queue.  I had to wait outside in the sun for almost an hour before we were ushered into the hall.  Staff managing the queue were very apologetic and kept telling us there was still a lot of people inside the hall, hence we had to wait outside.

Patiently queueing in the hot sun

We had to check-in on the MySejahtera app and our temperature was checked as we entered the hall.  Once inside, we were marshaled into a waiting room.  We waited for another 30 minutes before being marshaled into the main waiting area.  While waiting, we were given a packet drink.  No queue number was given this time but the queue was efficiently managed.     

The hall is well signposted
More waiting inside the hall

Finally after another 15 minutes, my group was ushered into the Vaccination Area.  A short consultation was conducted where we were asked on side effects from the 1st dose.  

While waiting, why not refresh & hydrate with this free drink?
9 vaccination booths to administer the 2nd dose

It was another 10 minutes before I finally got vaccinated with the 2nd dose. Due to reports of incorrect amount of vaccine being injected and even being injected with empty syringes, the officer showed the syringe with the indicator at 0.5mL to me before administering the injection. 

I promptly moved to the Observation Area to complete the vaccination process.  I was under observation for 15 minutes.  Before leaving the hall, I had to do the cheesy photo shoot 😉 for record purposes and of course to share with friends and family on social media pages that I have completed my Covid-19 vaccination 😊. 

Vaccine batch information which is also contained in the digital certificate
Yay!  Fully vaccinated………..all done & dusted 🙂

This time, the whole process took 2 hours from start to finish, 45 minutes longer than the 1st dose.  Having said that, the whole process was still smooth and well organised.  Staff were apologetic for the wait and delay though I didn’t see anyone losing their cool even while waiting in the sun.

Once again thank you to the frontliners, volunteers and all the responsible personnel for working tirelessly to ensure a smooth process and good vaccination experience for all.  Hopefully we will hit herd immunity soon and we can once again get together with our families and friends, dine-in and even balik kampong.

Today is second day after vaccination and I’m happy to report that there were no side effects from the vaccination.  Even the soreness in the arm was hardly noticeable.


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