Nigiri No Tokube, Nagoya

I love Japanese food, so whenever I get to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, I look forward to the food :).  I will try to go for variety as well as the specialties of the places I visited.   Contrary to popular belief that food is expensive in Japan, relatively cheap food can be had.  One such place is Nigiri No Tokube.

Nigiri No Tokube, Oasis 21, Nagoya

Located in Oasis 21, Sakae, this conveyor belt sushi outlet offer all kinds of sushi as well as tempura.  I first visited this place in 2011 and revisited it during my recent trip to Nagoya.

We chose to sit at the table instead of the counter and promptly helped ourselves to the complimentary green tea powder and hot water, pickled ginger and soy sauce.

Patrons sitting at the counter

Once we got the tea and condiments sorted, we quickly picked up the dishes from the conveyor belt.  We were spoilt for choice!

Variety of sushi on the conveyor belt

Some of the fish based nigiri sushi we had were salmon, tuna and smoked mackerel.  Each sushi came with a generous slice of fresh fish.

Fresh salmon sushi

The slab of tuna is so big that we can’t even see the rice

Smoked mackerel sushi

Other sushi we picked from the conveyor belt were the crabstick sushi, broiled prawn sushi and tuna sushi roll.

Traditional crabstick sushi

Broiled prawn sushi

Tuna sushi roll

From the menu, we ordered a mixed nigiri sushi of prawn, tuna and cuttlefish.

The colourful plates denoting the different prices of the sushi

Though the restaurant is not for sushi connoisseurs, it offers good value, fresh ingredients and tasty sushi at a very convenient location.  Best of all, prices have not changed much since our last visit 3 years ago.

Prices in 2011

Prices in 2014


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