Day Trip From Adelaide : Hahndorf

When visiting Adelaide, a day trip to Hahndorf in Adelaide Hills is a must.  It is only a half hour drive from Adelaide.  This quaint and charming town is very popular with tourists for authentic German styled buildings, restaurants & pubs and shops.

Hahndorf, South Australia

As we arrived just after 9am on a Sunday, the town hasn’t quite woken up yet.  So we decided to proceed to the Beereenberg Strawberry Farm instead.

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

It turned out to be a good decision as there was hardly anyone at the strawberry fields and it was still not very hot.  We literally had the whole farm to ourselves.

A herd of cows lazing around at the farm

After an hour of ‘hard’ work picking strawberries, we managed to fill two boxes to the brim.  By then there were more people in the fields.

Hard at work picking strawberries

Our haul after an hour of hard work

For those who didn’t want to spend time at the fields, the farm shop sells a variety of the farm’s produce.

The shop at Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

We then made our way back to Hahndorf.  This little town is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement.  The town was established in 1839 when Prussian immigrants arrived onboard the ship ‘Zebra’.  The name of the town which means Hahn’s village was in honour of Captain Dirk Meinhertz Hahn, the Danish captain of Zebra.

Beautiful elm trees lined the Main Street of Hahndorf

Bust of Captain Dirk Hahn

We decided to park our car along the main road and start exploring the town on foot.  This historical town still has some well preserved original buildings built when the first settlers arrived.  This cellar was built in 1845 by the first couple to be married in Hahndorf, Johann Thiele and Anna Schmidt.

Thiele’s Cottage which is now a wine cellar

The town’s strong German’s heritage is still very prominent as one wonders through the Main Street with shops selling German food and souvenirs to German music played by street musicians and the town’s band.

The German Pantry, a store that sell German products ranging from gourmet foods to giftware

Though Hahndorf has a strong German heritage, we saw street performers playing Swiss alphorn 😉

The town’s band entertaining visitors on a Sunday morning

The variety of shops selling gifts, souvenirs, crafts, clothes and leather goods will keep any shoppers occupied for hours.

This shop can be a good place to start if one is souvenir hunting

Mmmm I wonder if I can find Pinochio here?

This shop sells hand made candles

By the time we walked the entire Main Street, it was time for lunch.  So off we went in search of sustenance which was quite a tough decision really, as there are so many eateries to choose from!

After all your energy is sapped with all the walking and shopping, it was time to do a pit stop to refuel at one of  the many restaurants and cafes available.  One of the most famous German restaurants in Hanhdorf has to be the 150 year old Hahndorf Inn.

Hahndorf Inn still going strong after 150 years

Another pioneer restaurant in town

Had lunch here. Food was good but didn’t try their coffee though

To end the trip on a sweet note, one can hop over one of these ice-cream cafes and enjoy a home-made ice-cream :).





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