2014 Hari Raya

Today is the second day of Syawal.  Muslims are in the midst of celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa which marks the end of a month of fasting and prayer.  Klang Valley is empty of traffic as most had left the city to balik kampung to their respective hometowns and villages for the celebration.

It’s also the time of the year Raya decorations are put up in the shopping malls to attract shoppers and visitors.  I only managed to visit 3 malls this year to look at the decorations.  I feel that this year’s decorations are very simple – perhaps the malls’ management have less budget to spend this year.

A kampung setting greets visitors to Mid Valley Megamall.  Themed ‘Di sinilah Raya Bermula’, the Centre Court features a small wooden Malay house amidst coconut trees.

Malay kampung setting at Mid Valley Megamall

Coconut trees adding to the village feel

The house has a shed to house tools used to work in the fields and to catch fishes in the river.

Shed housing work tools

Wau or kites in various batik-style colours and patterns ‘flying’ above adding colours to the whole scene.

Batik inspired waus

Stalls selling Raya related items surround the wooden house.

At The Curve, the décor is even simpler – a stage with kerawang motif background is the centerpiece.  The stage is surrounded by stalls selling Raya goodies.

Simple Raya decor at The Curve

Stage with kerawang motif background

Visitors shopping for Raya clothes

‘Splendours of Eid’ is 1 Utama’s Raya theme.  An Arabic mosque like structure sits on the ground floor of the Oval Concourse.  Palm trees lined the path towards the yellow building with bright blue roof top.

Tall palm trees lined the path

The layout is very neat and spacious with shops located on both sides of the concourse.

The spacious layout at the Oval Concourse

Stalls selling various Raya goodies are set up on both sides of the concourse

Visitors can shop for their favourite traditional Raya fares such as serunding, rendang, lemang and ketupat here too.

Traditional Raya fares (clockwise from L – R) : lemang, ketupat, serunding, kuih bahulu, rendang daging (beef rendang) & rendang ayam (chicken rendang)

Last but not least, wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri/Hari Raya Idul Fitri/Eid Al-Fitr and everyone else, Happy Holidays!


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