2023 Chinese New Year

As life returns to the ‘old normal’ of pre Covid-19 pandemic days, the Chinese New Year celebration is more uplifting and cheerful this year.  As the world lifted travel restrictions, quarantine and testing requirements, Malaysians return from overseas to have their first Lunar New Year celebration with their families in 3 years! 

Shopping malls have been lavishly decorated to usher in the Year of the Rabbit since the end of 2022 with Chinese New Year songs adding to the festive mood.

Mid Valley Megamall’s Centre Court is filled with variety of flowers in full bloom welcoming ‘The Return of Spring’ (大地回春). 

Midd Valley Megamall Centre Court

Colourful flowers with rattan ball lights hanging from the ceiling

Flowers framed in Chinese characters forming auspicious sayings are placed on small stages with places for people to sit to enjoy the sights and sounds.  They also provide great backdrops for photos.

Variety of flowers in full bloom

Flowers framed in Chinese character

After being absent in the past few years due to the pandemic, the lion dance makes a comeback this year.  The energetic acrobatic performances were enthusiastically welcomed and appreciated by the crowd. 

Lion dance performance making a comeback this year

The lively lions

The energetic lion dance performance attracted a big crowd

‘Oriental Charm’ at The Gardens Mall features a different spin to the usual decoration.  Combining an East meets West charm, its décor consists of flower motifs lanterns and various photo spots on the ground floor.

Giant oriental lantern inline with the Oriental Charm theme

Flower motifs lanterns at The Gardens Mall

The instagrammable photo spots feature wallpaper with flora and animal motifs, oriental furniture and lanterns as well as ornamental vases are a crowd puller.

One of the booths set up in the mall

Oriental vases are used as decorative item

Flowers and birds feature prominently as well

Mandarin oranges are a must have for Chinese New Year

Pavilion KL hops into the Year of the Rabbit with ‘Abundance of Prosperity’ with a garden blooming with red and pink flowers and cascading lanterns.

Cascading lanterns adding to the festive atmosphere

Two giant bunnies dressed in pink and red were definitely the favourite with the visitors of all ages.  These bunnies made with flowers are made more ‘lively’ with its hands moving in a greeting gesture while holding ang pow packet.

This 6 feet tall bunny is made of flowers

A table full with food for reunion dinner

The LED screen, meanwhile is the favourite with the kids as they are mesmerised with the changing visuals.

Kids having fun with the displays on the LED

1 Utama Shopping Centre invites visitors to immerse in the rich heritage of Teochew culture and tradition with its ‘Treasures of Teochew Heritage’.  Its concourse is transformed into a replica of the iconic Guangji Bridge (广济桥) with wooden pontoon boats on both sides.

A replica of the iconic Guangji Bridge (广济桥)

This beautiful pavilion is built at the end of the bridge

This iconic ancient bridge located in the east of Chaozhou, Guangdong province crosses the Han River is one of China’s four famous ancient bridges, the other three being Zhaozhou Bridge, Lugou Bridge, and Luoyang Bridge.

At the end of the bridge is a beautiful pavilion surrounded by cherry blossoms and decorated with enchanting Palace Lanterns.  

Traditional Chinese musical instruments and the Teochew opera costume are on display inside the pavilion. 

The pavilion is decorated with Palace Lanterns

Traditional Chinese musical instruments displayed in the pavilion

Kiosks offering various goodies for the Lunar New Year are set-up on both sides of the bridge.

Chicken floss, one of the favourite snacks for CNY

Plants and flowers to spruce up the home

As we hop into the Water Rabbit, may your New Year blooms with good health, happiness, prosperity and success. 

祝您农历新年快乐!愿新的一年幸福安康,年年有余, 百事亨通.


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