Penang Hawker Food – Part 3

A trip to Penang will be incomplete if one doesn’t try the street food that this island is world famous for.  Each time I visit Penang, I will try to eat in eateries that I didn’t manage to visit in previous trips.

After checking in to the hotel, we walked to Seng Thor Coffee Shop (成都旅社).  In one of my previous trips, we tried the loh mee.  This time, it’s for the oh chean or oyster omelette.

Seng Thor Coffee Shop & Hotel on Lebuh Carnarvon

But be prepared to wait at least half an hour though, the sifu took his time frying the omelette.

The egg batter is fried slowly until it’s dry and crisp

While waiting, one can enjoy watching the sifu in action.  He was unfazed by the number of orders that he had to fulfil.  Instead he was very focussed in his task to ensure every plate of oh chean was perfectly cooked.

Big fresh oysters were lightly fried with chili sauce

The oysters mixed with the fried egg

Oh chien ready to be served

After a 45-minute wait, we finally got our order.  It was definitely worth the wait as the oysters were fresh with juice that popped in the mouth.  The egg batter was crisp at the edges yet maintaining its softness.  It was quite oily though.

Time to dig in

Lots of fresh big oysters in this plate of oh chien

For RM10, it was quite good value for the amount of big oysters that were in the oh chien. 

For breakfast, head to the famous Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye (小逢莱茶室) for its Penang style chee cheong fun (steamed rice noodles roll).

This coffee shop is always busy in the morning

The chee cheung fun stall has been around since 1955.  The silky smooth chee cheung fun is doused with sweet sauce, chili sauce and thick gooey shrimp paste (har gou) topped with toasted sesame seeds.  The sweet and savoury taste from the sauce complemented the bland chee cheung fun well.

Penang style chee cheung fun

The char koay kak (fried radish cake) is also worth trying.  The stall is operated by 2 sisters from a pushcart outside the coffee shop.

Look out for this char koay kak pushcart stall

The char koay kak was fried with enough ‘wok hei’ (heat from the frying wok) and was very fragrant.    It was tasty albeit a little oily.

The plate of char koay kak came with crunchy bean sprouts, egg and minced preserved radish

There are just too much good food in Penang that I will definitely go back for more!


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