Day Trip to Bentong

I had been planning to make a trip to Bentong, Pahang since I read about a home-made ice-cream shop that has been in business for more than 30 years.  I finally made a day trip to Bentong on Wesak Day.

Bentong is a town in the state of Pahang, Malaysia.  It is located about 80 km from Kuala Lumpur.  We set off early as we wanted to try out the famous Hooi Kee Wan Tan Mee (开记云吞面) for breakfast.  As it was public holiday, we decided to go via Jalan Kuching and then joined Karak Highway.

On the way to Bentong on Karak Highway

After driving for more about one and a half hours, we arrived at Bentong town centre.  Our first stop was Koptiam Yuen Kee (源记茶餐室) for breakfast.    Hooi Kee Wan Tan Mee (开记云吞面) operates from a stall in this coffee shop.

As it was still early, the wet/morning market nearby was still bustling with locals going about their grocery shopping.  The 2-storey market have stalls selling vegetable, fruits, meat and other daily necessities on the ground floor while the top floor has a food court.

Stalls inside Bentong wet market

The market stalls spilled out onto the main and side roads around the market.


Mobile stalls outside Bentong wet market

Bentong is noted for its ginger which is bigger than normal ginger.  Of course I had to buy a few from its place of origin :).

A stall selling Bentong ginger at the wet market

This stall, located at the back entrance of the Bentong market is operated by Mrs Mok.  She sells Mokie Home-Baked Pastry such as their famous kaya puff and pineapple puff.  Preservatives are not used in the pastry, hence they can only keep for two weeks.

Mrs Mok manning Mokie Home-Baked Pastry stall

Each puff cost RM0.80 per piece and they are sold in packs of 6 or 10.  The puff pastries were just right in its softness and each had generous filling.  Best of all, it’s not too sweet :).

As we walked away from the market, we stumbled upon this mobile key cutter. He operates at the five foot way of a corner shop lot near the wet market.

We then continued our exploration to Kampung Perting to walk off our hearty breakfast.  Kampung Perting is a relatively ancient Chinese village.  Streets are narrow and lined with single and double storey wooden houses with no numbering.  Some of these houses have been turned into saloons and coffee shops.



The village still has a lot of original wooden houses

Many houses hang tanglungs and red talisman outside

The village also has a primary school for the convenience of the villagers.

Primary Chinese school in the village

From the village, we walked back towards town centre to go to Warung Ais Krim Kow Po (球宝雪糕什雪店) for their famed home-made ice-cream.  We passed by Bentong main bus station, situated opposite Kow Po Ice Cream Parlour.


Bentong bus station

The famed Warung Ais Krim Kow Po

After accomplishing the main objective of the trip to Bentong, we continued to walk around town, passing by one of a few hotels in town for visitors who want to stay longer.

As Bentong town is mainly populated by Chinese from Guangxi province in China, it’s no surprise to find another Chinese primary school in the town centre, SJK (C) Khai Mun, established in 1938.

A Chinese primary school in town

Next to the school is The Chinese Town Hall, built in 1914. A café operates from the ground floor of the town hall.


A Hindu temple in town

We took the windy trunk road on our way back from Bentong.


8 responses to “Day Trip to Bentong

  1. Please help. Is Bentong wet market open for business this Hari Raya 6th July. Thank you.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading Day Trip to Bentong. I am not sure if the wet market will be open for business on 6th July. So sorry not able to help you there.

  2. Hi what time did you reach bentong for breakfast wantan mee? I am planning one to go there will appreciate it if you could give me some tips.cheers.

    • Hi Casandra

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I reached Bentong town around 9am cause I wanted to go there for b’fast and also to try other food for lunch :). The yong tau foo in the same shop is pretty good too. Another place to go for food is inside the wet market on the upper level. I didn’t try the food there but I do see lots of locals patronise the food stalls there.

  3. Hi, i was looking through some place for my youth club members outing and i think Bentong is a best place to go. Mai i ask how to stroll around the town? do we have to walk or by car?

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