2019 Chinese New Year

The glittering Christmas decorations in the shopping malls have been replaced with a sea of red, gold and yellow to welcome the spring festival (春节).  The Dog will end its reign in 2 weeks time and The Pig will take its place for the next year.

Even before Christmas was over, shopping malls have been airing Chinese New Year songs and selling festive goodies.  Now the shopping frenzy is in full swing!

This year, a lot of the malls put up their decorations quite late.  Hence I only managed to see a few of the decorations being put up.  I am not too impressed though……….

The Curve converted its entire Centre Court into an elegant grand Chinese Tea House complete with  seating area for shoppers in the courtyard.  Shoppers can enjoy “A Cup Full of Fortune” while enjoying the cherry blossom in full bloom in the garden.

The Curve’s Centre Court is converted into a tea house with courtyard

The main feature, a Chinese Tea House 

Have a cuppa of tea while enjoying the cherry blossom

Shops selling Chinese New Year goodies are set up on both sides of the tea house to enable shoppers to do their shopping at the same time.

Shops selling festive goodies

Spring has also arrived in 1-Utama Shopping Centre.  With the theme “Splendiferous New Year”, the Oval Concourse is filled with blossoming giant peonies, daffodils and cherry blossoms in vibrant colours.

Celebrate a “Splendiferous New Year” at 1-Utama Shopping Centre

Colourful flowers in full bloom

To usher in the Year of the Pig, they also have paper flowery pigs that look really cute.   I believe this is the only mall that put up this zodiac animal in their decorations.

Paper pigs to usher in the Year of the Pig

Cute pigs 🙂

The flower theme is carry throughout the decoration from the red tanglungs dangling from the ceiling and pillars wrapped in flower motifs.

The decoration will not be complete without red tanglungs

Red tanglungs on top of pillars with flower motifs

Stalls selling a variety of festive goodies, ranging from decorative items, traditional clothing to cookies are lined up on both sides of the concourse.  One stall that attracts a lot of interests and attention is the one selling various popular goods from the 70s – 90s.  A visit to the stall definitely brought back many sweet memories of my childhood 😊.

Stalls are set-up offering CNY goodies

Beauty products and a popular game, ‘Tikam’ from the 70s-90s era

Walking down memory lane. Clockwise from L – R : 555 notebooks, glues, popular snacks, picture cards

Pavilion KL invites shoppers to “A Regal Celebration” to welcome the Chinese New Year.  Shoppers are welcome by two towering golden lions at the main entrance.  This year, Pavilion KL’s long term partnership with Swarovski is being usurped by Lancome with their ‘The Big Wish’ campaign.

Red tanglungs hanging from the high ceiling at Pavilion KL

Golden lions welcoming shoppers to Pavilion KL

Inspired by the grandeur of China’s imperial past, the Centre Court is transformed into an opulent and majestic imperial court.

The Centre Court is transformed into an imperial court

Gold trees with gold flowers

On the stage is a golden screen with intricately carved dragons signifying the Dragon Throne.  Golden pillars decorated with auspicious Chinese idioms are places on both sides of the throne.

Auspicious Chinese idioms decorated the golden pillars

Shoppers can pretend to be an Emperor & an Empress with these costumes

The whole place is surrounded by gold trees bearing gold flowers and lucky red lanterns ‘falling from the sky’.  At the Spanish Steps, a collection of neo-Chinese costumes are being displayed.

Sea of red and gold for “A Regal Celebration”

One of the neo-Chinese costumes on display on the Spanish Steps

Honestly I don’t really like the décor, it has too much red and gold…….a bit gaudy for me.  So for the first time I am quite disappointed in the décor put up by Pavilion KL.

Anyway, disappointment aside, I am looking forward to the Chinese New Year celebrations and the long break 😊.

Hope your days in the Year of Pig are filled with immense joy and prosperity.  Happy Chinese New Year.



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