Sydney Holiday : Sydney Harbour

If you are a tourist in Sydney, it’s more than likely that you will spend time at Sydney Harbour.  After all it’s home to Sydney’s two iconic attractions – Sydney Opera House and the Sdyney Harbour Bridge.  Apart from that, Circular Quay is also located here.  This major transport hub is the launching pad for ferries, cruises, sail boats, water taxis and trains.

Sydney Harbour is home to the iconic Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Come the weekend, the harbour buzzes with activities.  Holiday makers throng to Circular Quay to catch transport to their destinations, diners enjoying a meal in the restaurants and cafes along Circular Quay and shoppers head to The Rocks to visit the weekend market.

I deliberately visited the harbour on a Sunday as I like to visit markets when travelling.  The Rocks weekend market is a weekly affair on Saturday and Sunday.  There are more than 200 stalls spread out along the quaint cobblestone streets in the historic precinct of Sydney.  Shoppers can buy original artworks and photos; handcrafted gifts and trinkets; clothes, bags and stylish jewelry designed and made by the stallholders.

There are more than 200 stalls at The Rocks Weekend Market

Handcrafted fridge magnets for souvenirs

Foodies can pick up gourmet condiments, homemade honey as well as locally made chocolate or grab a quick bite from the many food stalls.

Cicada Chocolate, artisan chocolate made from Australian beans

Along the way, there are artists entertaining shoppers and at the same time hoping to promote their albums.

An artist performing at the market

Carving of ‘The Soldier’ of The First Impressions Sculpture

After the market, I made my way back and to join the throng of tourists for a closer look of Sydney Opera House.  I was hoping to catch a performance during my visit but nothing caught my fancy, so only did a brief stop at the opera house.  There are tours of the opera house for those who are interested to know the history and to get a more detailed look inside.

A closer view of Sydney Opera House

Somehow, the view of the opera house is nicer from the waterway.  In fact, a great way to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbour is by going on a ferry ride.  One of the recommended routes is taking the ferry from Circular Quay to the suburb of Manly.  If you travel with an Opal card on a weekend, the ferry ride will only cost AUD 2.50 :).

Sydney skyline

The opera house from the waterway

Sydney Opera House at night

View of Sydney Opera House from the ferry as it approached Circular Quay

Apart from Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour is also worth a visit.  Darling Harbour has great family entertainment and a wide variety of waterfront dining.  There are plenty of attractions for the kids such as aquarium, zoo and playground.

Darling Harbour is a haven for foodies

A few cruises and water taxis taking tourists around Sydney Harbour operate from Darling Harbour.

Water taxis for hire for a cruise around the harbour

A seagull enjoying the atmosphere at Darling Harbour

The harbour is quite pretty as dusk falls when the kaleidoscope of lights on the buildings, restaurants and parks are turned on.  On certain Saturdays, there are fireworks displays which are sponsored by the restaurants of Darling Harbour.

There is plenty to see and do in both Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour and one can easily spend a whole day in each place.


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