Sydney Holiday : Manly & Bondi Beaches

Sydney is home to more than 100 white sandy beaches, from calm sheltered bay to surfers’ heavens and not forgetting the world famous tourist destinations.  Some of these beaches are located within only a 10 km radius from the city centre or a half hour ferry ride away.

We took advantage of the Opal card Sunday travel caps of AUD2.50 per person to visit Manly Beach.  The usual fare is AUD7.35 on the Opal card.  It is also a cheap way for a cruise along Sydney Harbour.  The Manly ferry from Circular Quay offered an incredible view of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge :).

Manly Ferry

View of Sydney Harbour Bridge from the ferry

View of Sydney Opera House as ferry approached Circular Quay

From Manly Wharf, it was only a quick stroll to the beach through the promenade passing by hip cafes and lots of shops.  As I got distracted by the weekend arts and craft market, it took us longer to get to the Oceanside and into the thick of action.

Shops lining both sides of the promenade

There was a carnival atmosphere as Manly Beach was the venue for the Australian Open Of Surfing 2017.  There was plenty of action in the water and on the beach.  A giant screen was put up on the beach showing the professional surfers in action.

Manly Beach was the venue for Australian Open of Surfing 2017

A group of surfers riding the waves

Future professional surfer in the making 🙂

Plenty of action on the beach too

Along the beach front, kiosks were set up selling a variety of merchandise.  Food trucks and stalls offering a range of food choices and snacks were doing brisk business.

One of the food kiosks

Brisk business at one of the food trucks

Another beach I couldn’t miss is Bondi Beach.  This world famous beach attracts tourists and locals all year round.  The more than one kilometer beach is usually packed with sun worshippers and surfers.

To get there, we took the train to Bondi Junction station and hopped on to Bus 333 for a 10 minute ride to Bondi Beach.

Finally visited the world famous Bondi Beach

The beach was deserted when we visited as it was a weekday and relatively early in the day.  However the waves were really strong and a group of surfers were trying to catch the waves.  Some locals were out running and jogging along the beach.

Strong waves at Bondi Beach, great time for surfing

The Bondi Sea Wall has a mosaic of beautiful murals.

Colourful murals at Bondi Beach

A mural of Chloe Byron, a local girl killed in the Bali bombing in 2002

We strolled along the beach towards the historical Bondi Pavilion which used to be a bathhouse.  It has been transformed into a community centre with a theatre, gallery and several multi-function rooms.

Bondi Pavilion is now a community centre

After spending some time browsing the shops at the pavilion, we headed back to Circular Quay for more exploration of Sydney Harbour.


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