Sydney Holiday : Paddy’s Markets

The first stop after we arrived in Sydney is Paddy’s Markets in Haymarket.  This 150 year old market is located in Chinatown.  It opens from 10am to 6pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Housed in the Market City building, Paddy’s Markets has rows and rows of stalls selling a variety of goods from clothing to cosmetics, gadgets to gifts, travelling bags to toys, shoes to souvenirs.

The 150 year old Paddy’s Markets

One can spend hours in Paddy’s Markets

One can also find good quality locally made handicrafts and leather goods.  It’s definitely the place to be for souvenir hunters getting mementos of their holiday in Australia.  Stuff sold here are of decent quality and prices are reasonable.  Some stalls do offer discounts with bulk purchase.

Items to bring back as mementos of your trip to Australia

It’s definitely the place to head to for souvenirs

The market reminds me of Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur but better as it’s indoor and air-conditioned.

There is also a fresh food section selling vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and flowers where the locals shop.  Apparently prices here are way cheaper too.  Most of the traders here are of Asian origin.  It was really interesting to hear the variety of languages being spoken in this market – Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin interspersed with English.  It’s truly a mini United Nations here.

Paddy’s Markets also has a section for fresh food

Traders busy attending to customers when I visited

Seafood for dinner?

A poultry stall in the market

The rainbow colours of fruits and vegetables were so vibrant and attention grabbing.  They all looked really fresh and appetising!

A stall selling a variety of fresh vegetables

Colourful fruits to tempt shoppers

It’s easy to get to Paddy’s Markets on public transport.  It’s within a short walking distance from the Central  train station.  The Haymarket station on the light rail stops  right at the door of Paddy’s.

The Light Rail stops right in front of Paddy’s Markets

From Paddy’s Markets we headed to Chinatown.  Other than eateries, I didn’t find too much of interest here.  It feels more like “Asiatown” rather than Chinatown given the variety of food found here – Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and even Malaysian food :).

Archway to Sydney Chinatown

Lion statue guarding the entrance to Chinatown

A Malaysian restaurant in Haymarket

When you are in Sydney, do check out Paddy’s Markets for the experience even if you are not looking to buy anything.  And hop over to Chinatown for some great tasting meals from the variety of eateries there.


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