Penang Hawker Food – Part 5

The food adventure continued the next day with breakfast at Ping Hooi Coffee Shop (槟园茶室) for the well-known Tiger Char Keow Teow (老虎炒粿條).  The char keow teow is still as good with enough ‘wok hei’ with the duck egg elevating the texture and flavour to the dish.

This plate of char keow teow cost RM6.50

Char keow teow with duck egg cost RM6.50

The bowl of Hokkien mee (or prawn noodles) also didn’t disappoint.  The soup base is sweet with prawn flavour and the right level of spiciness.  A regular bowl of noodles comes with pieces of meat, small prawns, hardboiled egg, fried shallots and some water convolvulus.

A must try dish in Penang

A must try dish in Penang.  This bowl added with two meatballs cost RM4.90

We also managed to try the lor bak this time.  I especially like the deep fried three layer pork as it was quite lean, tender and juicy.  The deep fried five spiced pork roll and prawn fritters were yummy too.  The accompanying chili sauce and dark sauce were a great complement to the lor bak.  The plate with three items cost RM7.60.

We rounded up this trip food adventure with dinner at Kedai Makanan Tan Jetty Thai Food (姓陈桥泰国餐).  This popular Thai restaurant is located in the Clan Jetties with part of the restaurant built on stilts above the water and part built on land at Tan Jetty.  It has an air conditioned indoor dining area and outdoor seating for those who enjoy al fresco dining.  The outdoor seating provides diners with a great view of the floating village, Hean Boo Thean Temple (玄母殿) and Penang Bridge while enjoying the breeze from the Straits of Malacca.

The main entrance to Tan Jetty Thai Food

The main entrance to Tan Jetty Thai Food

View from the outdoor seating

View from the outdoor seating

The menu is seafood focussed

Menu is simple with a variety of seafood and meat dishes

The menu is simple with seafood being the main focus.  Being a Thai restaurant, we had to try their clear tomyum seafood.  They also have the hot & spicy soup version.  The sourish and spicy tomyum tasted authentic with ample amount of cuttlefish, prawns and fish slices.

Authentic seafood tomyum

Authentic seafood tomyum

The prawn cakes were good too.    They were crispy on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside.  Dipping it in the chilli sauce enhances the sweet taste of the prawns.

Crispy prawn cakes

Crispy prawn cakes

A plate of simple stir fried mixed vegetables completed another satisfying meal.

A plate of vegetables for a balanced meal

A plate of vegetables for a balanced meal

So if you happen to be visiting the floating village of the Clan Jetties, why not drop by the restaurant for some fresh seafood at reasonable prices.


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