Sea Lions of Allans Beach

Allans Beach is a secluded beach in the Otago Peninsula.  This white sandy beach is over a kilometre long with strong waves from the open ocean.

Allans Beach, Otago Peninsula

Big waves from the ocean

As it is a wild ocean beach, it attracts wildlife such as penguins and sea lions to its shores.  The beach is a good place to go if you want to see wildlife in their natural environment without having to pay an  entrance fee.

During a brief stop to Allans Beach on my way to the Royal Albatross Centre, I managed to see a group of sea lions lazing on rocks.  They were oblivious to the humans present watching them.

Here is the action from Allans Beach.  Enjoy :).

Sea lion ‘posing’ for the camera

Another pose from the sea lion

A sea lion relaxing on the rock

Siesta time at the beach

No matter who is present, I am having my siesta!


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