2015 Christmas

Dashing through the snow, In a one-horse open sleigh, Over the fields we go, Laughing all the way………… Christmas songs fill the air and Christmas decorations being put up in offices, shopping malls and hotels adding to the holiday and festive mood!

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang celebrates its first Christmas with simple decorations.  Taking centre stage is a tall Christmas tree that is surrounded by wrapped presents.  The lights on the tree will dance to the tune of Christmas songs during the Musical Light Show.

Simple Christmas decorations at Mistui Outlet Park

Christmas stockings, snowflakes and baubles hang around the Christmas tree

Adults and kids can try to win some cuddly soft toys at the mini funfair set up in the outlet mall.

Mini funfair to entertain the kids

Over in 1-Utama Shopping Centre’s centre court is turned into a winter garden complete with glasshouses with windmills!  ‘Snowflakes’ can be seen on the windmill of the glasshouses and on the ground giving the effect of a white Christmas.

Winter garden at 1-Utama Shopping Centre

‘Snowflakes’ are everywhere from the floor to the roof & wall of the kiosks

Glasshouses which also double as merchandise kiosks

Surprisingly there is no Christmas tree at all.  Instead various plants and flowers are placed randomly in the centre court giving some colours to the winter garden.

While 1-Utama decides to do away with the Christmas tree, Suria KLCC puts out a giant 32-metre high Christmas tree in its park decorated with baubles and candy canes.

Giant Christmas tree in Suria KLCC park

Closer view of the giant Christmas tree

Shoppers entering the mall from the park can be seen busy taking photos of the Ferris wheel with Santa Claus, gingerbread and snowmen in tea cup seats.

A mini Christmas ferris wheel decorated with Santa Claus, candies, cupcakes and everything sweet

Themed The Sweetest Season, Suria KLCC’s decorations featured everything sweet from candies to cakes and gingerbread.  A giant gingerbread house adorned with colourful candies, ice-cream, cakes and gingerbread is main attraction in the centre court.

Christmas decoration at Suria KLCC’s centre court

A gingerbread house that will surely attracts those with a sweet tooth

The house is surrounded by Christmas trees that are decorated with more sweet stuff, lollipops in a tea cup and cupcakes!

Lollipops with tea anyone?

Various sweet treats for shoppers

The mall is truly a haven for someone with sweet tooth as candies can be seen along the corridors and lollipops hang from the ceilings.

Colourful lollipops all over the mall

Mini Christmas trees with candies along the corridoors of the mall

My last stop for this year’s Christmas decor hunt is Pavilion.  While approaching the Bukit Bintang entrance, I was attracted by the open sleigh filled with presents pulled by six silver reindeers.

Shoppers walk through an archway of twigs with pristine white snowflakes on them to get into the mall.

Shoppers can mail a postcard to Santa at the ‘Dear Santa’ mailbox

A mechanical Santa with his furry friends

The star attraction of Pavilion’s Christmas Sparkles theme decoration is the magnificent 23-metre tall Swarovski Christmas tree.

The impressive Christmas decoration at Pavilion KL

The stunning glittering Swarovski Christmas tree

This record breaking tree has more than 3,100 crystal strands holding about 175,000 pieces of crystals valued at approximately RM3 million!

Strands of crystals on the Christmas tree

‘Snowflakes falling’ from the tall ceiling and onto the trees surrounding the Swarovski Christmas give the whole place a winter land feel.

Similar to previous years, Pavilion in partnership with Maybank to provide rides for children.  This year, it’s a ‘choo choo’ ride on the sparkling Pavilion Express train.

Children enjoying a ride on the Pavilion Express

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a good break during the long weekend.  Last but not least, wishing everyone a Happy 2016.


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