In Search Of The Elusive Mt Fuji – Part 2

This is the long overdue part 2 entry of my search of the elusive Mount Fuji.  Read part 1 here.

We woke up to clear blue skies the next day.  After an elaborate breakfast at the ryokan (more of this later), we left the ryokan with a lot of optimism that today will be our lucky day :).

We took the bus to Togendai as the Hakone Ropeway was closed (and it’s still closed as of 15 June 2015).  The bus took us on a windy uphill road through various towns.

Bus stand #3 at Hakone Yumoto bus station for bus to Togendai

As the bus neared Togendai, we finally caught a glimpse of it …………..the majestic Mount Fuji.  There were lots of oohs and aahs and excitement amongst the passengers.  It was an indescribable feeling when I first laid my eyes on this majestic mountain.  I couldn’t wait to get onboard the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise to have a better view of the mountain!

The first glimpse of Mt Fuji from the bus

At Togendai, we boarded a pirate ship for a cruise of Lake Ashi.  Single trip cost ¥1,000 and ¥1,840 for return trip but it’s covered by Hakone Free Pass.

Getting ready to board a pirate ship 😉

Another ship cruising Lake Ashi

There are no fierce and scary pirates to be found on the ship, instead we were greeted by a friendly captain :).

Midway through the lake heading towards Hakonemachi, we caught sight of Mount Fuji.  And the trigger happy tourists (me included) were happily snapping away.  As the weather was good, we had a very good view of the mountain albeit with some obstruction.

First glimpse of Mt Fuji from Lake Ashi

The magnificent Mt Fuji

View of Mt Fuji with the Hakone Shrine torii gate

We decided to maximize our time on the cruise ship, so we took the return trip back instead of getting down when the ship docked at Hakonemachi and Motohakone.

Hakonemachi Port

On the return trip, I managed to capture more views of this elusive mountain and I couldn’t keep my eyes off this breathtaking sight.

Hotels and resorts lining Lake Ashi

We continued our search for Mount Fuji by taking the bus to Gotemba Premium Outlet.  Our efforts were not in vain.  The magnificent mountain loomed in front of us as the bus neared Gotemba.

Mt Fuji loomed before our eyes near Gotemba

By the time we caught sight of it at Gotemba Premium Outlet, the skies were not as clear anymore but one can still get a good view of the mountain.  We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping before catching a direct bus back to Hakone Yumoto.

Shoppers can enjoy the view of Mt Fuji at Gotemba Premium Outlet





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