2015 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix was first included in the Formula One World Championship in 1999.  This year I attended the race for the first time.  The 2015 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix was the second race in the 2015 race calendar.

Petronas is the main sponsor of the Malaysian Grand Prix

View of the paddock

The Sepang Circuit is already starting to show its age.  It really needs some repair and upgrading work as there are holes on a section of the roof and some of the seats are broken. I also noticed that the organiser was still putting up the finishing touches on Friday, the day of the practise.  There were also very few activities to attract visitors, worse still some of the activity booths were still closed or empty when we arrived in the morning.  I must say the Malaysian Grand Prix is a pale comparison to the Japanese Grand Prix and the Australian Grand Prix that I have attended.

Workers putting up finishing touches at the McLaren’s pit

But I guess for the true Formula 1 fans, it’s the track action that matters and there were plenty of it on that day.

I like the Red Bull team’s attractive livery

Sebastian Vettel, the former Red Bull driver is now driving for Ferrari

My favourite team, McLaren. Unfortunately they are not doing well this year with the new Honda engine

Fernando Alonso joined Mc Laren this year

Some of the drivers were pushing their cars hard to test the limits of the car.

Reigning world champion, Lewis Hamilton locked his front left wheel

Alonso almost left the track as he couldn’t brake in time

While the drivers were busy on the track, there was other action off the track for the fans as well.

Ferrari team working fast to get the car off the pits as soon as possible

A Marussia car being transported back to the pits

A cameraman trying very hard to get a good picture of the action

Last year’s Mercedes AMG Petronas car on display at the Petronas gallery

Hungry fans can satisfy their hunger from a limited selection of food stalls, one of which is satay, a popular Malaysian dish.

The satay man busy dishing out satay to hungry patrons

Personally, I think the Australian Grand Prix is still the best so far as the venue is easier to access and there are more activities and events lined-up for visitors.


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