2015 Chinese New Year – Part 2

Hope everyone is having a ‘Goat’ time celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) with your loved ones and having a great time feasting on CNY fare and cookies.

It must be a breeze for KLites driving around town since most have left the city for the celebration.  It’s also the best time to visit the malls to look at the décor put up.

Over at Mid Valley Megamall, the Centre Court is transformed into a traditional village to give shoppers a glimpse of the ordinary people’s lives in the old China.

Scene of an old village at Mid Valley Megamall

Red cloths and lanterns are hung inside the village symbolizing good luck and fortune and perhaps also to ward off evil spirits.

One of the entrance to the old village

Red lanterns and cloth lined the entrance

As this is the Year of the Goat, these cute adorable fluffy animals made their presence felt in the village.

luffy stuffed goats (or are these sheep?)

Spring flowers and cherry blossom trees are ‘Blooming in Abundance’ attracting shoppers’ attention to bring them home to brighten up the homes.

Flowers in full bloom indicating the arrival of Spring

Red is the main theme for Suria KLCC decoration from its lanterns to the drum and carpet.

Chinese New Year decoration at Suria KLCC

The decoration this year is rather simple with drums and lanterns the main items used.

Red lanterns & drums are the main decorative items

Everything red in Suria KLCC

In line with its theme ‘羊年吉利,鼓乐报喜’ there is a big drum in the center of a small stage with this year’s zodiac animal printed on it.

The main stage

Shoppers are greeted with ‘Peak of Prosperity’ at Pavilion as they stepped into the Floral Garden of Prosperity.

Shoppers walking through a garden of cherry blossoms

The Centre Court is transformed into a sea of red with huge red lanterns hanging from the high ceiling, flowers in full bloom and thousands of LED lit peonies leading to the magnificent Golden Goat.

Centre Court, Pavilion KL

Flowers in full bloom

This 30-foot tall Golden Goat is the highlight of this year decoration which symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.  Two other smaller golden goats also stand proudly on the stage making it ‘三羊开泰’ which signifies that prosperity will begin with the advent of spring.

The 3 golden goats are the highlight at Pavilion

There is even a ‘Love Seat’ in the Centre Court for singles or even couples looking for romance.  This seat was probably very ‘hot’ on Valentine’s Day and maybe on Chap Goh Mei too!

For those seeking romance this year must pay the ‘Love Seat’ a visit

Last, but not least, here’s wishing everyone Lots of Luck, Wealth in Abundance, Never ending Happiness & Plenty of Smiles in the Year of the Goat.



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