2014 Christmas – Part 1

In just a few days, Christians all over the world will be celebrating the birth of Jesus.  There is always something so magical and special about Christmas………..and everyone seems to be in celebratory and festive mood!

This is probably helped by the Christmas decorations put up by the various shopping malls around Klang Valley to bring out the festive feel.

Themed Christmas Fairy Tails, Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court has been transformed into a Magical Land filled with colourful flowers and giant mushrooms.

Christmas Fairy Tails, Mid Valley Megamall

The Christmas trees are decorated with bright colourful flowers and blue and purple butterflies instead of the usual festive items.

The Christmas trees are filled with colourful flowers and butterflies

Giant mushrooms are also found all over this magical land

Four furry friends, Fairy Tails are busy keeping this Magical Land in pristine condition to enchant visitors.

The Fairy Tails living in this magical land

More furry friends found!

Over in Sunway Pyramid, it was a circus themed Christmas decoration.  With a theme, A Hoopful Christmas, large colourful hula hoops are arranged around the area.

Sunway Pyramid’s circus themed Christmas decoration

A Hoopful Christmas

And who can resist the many adorable giant teddy bears in action on walking globes!

Teddy bears in various acts to ‘entertain’ visitors

Another teddy bear on a walking globe doing a balancing act

This adorable bear attracts a lot of attention from visitors

Giant baubles in various colours and teddy bears are used to decorate the trees giving the whole space a very cheery atmosphere :).

Bright colours baubles and walking globes giving the place a very cheery Christmassy feel

1-U Shopping Centre turned their centre court into a woodland forest filled with adorable furry animals and snowcapped Christmas trees.

Rustic Woodland Christmas at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Themed Rustic Woodland Christmas – Love & Joy, one can find a variety of cute and adorable furry animals such as polar bears, meerkats, elephants and foxes.

Families of polar bears, foxes, elephants and many other furry animals can be found in this woodland

In this woodland, all the animals live in harmony with each other 🙂

However, I feel that this year’s decorations are a far cry from last year’s floating hot air balloons decorations.  The decorations this year are like some low-budget production using boards and coloured paper!

My favourite Christmas decorations for this year have to be those at The Pavilion.  More on that in my next post.


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