Singapore Hawker Food : Wanton Noodle

When I visit our southern neighbour, most of the times, I will eat Hainanese chicken rice at Nam Kee or head to Geylang in search of yummy food.

For a recent trip, I decided to go on a ‘hawker food discovery’ trail.  Prior to the trip, I did some research and came up with a list of hawker food outlets to hit on the trail.

First stop was Hong Lim Market & Food Centre as I wanted to try the wanton noodle (云吞面) at Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist.  However we were not able to find the stall after walking around for a while.

Hong Lim Market & Food Centre near Chinatown

Instead we stumbled upon this stall, Cantonese Delights (广东小吃).  Since there was a queue and we were already hungry, we decided that food should be good and joined the queue.

Long queue at Cantonese Delights (广东小吃)

Operated by a husband and wife team, the stall offers a wide variety of noodles such as wanton noodle, dumpling noodle, curry chicken noodle and laksa yong tau foo 

Husband & wife team efficiently dishing out bowls of noodles to patrons

We ordered a plate of wanton noodle and chicken cutlet noodle.  I also added braised chicken feet for my order.  The thin yellow noodles are cooked to a springy texture that easily soaked up the dark sauce.  The wantons had generous amount of minced pork fillings.  The chicken feet and BBQ pork tasted great too.

Wanton noodles with braised chicken feet and BBQ pork

The generous chunk of chicken cutlet or chicken chop was tender and juicy and it wasn’t oily.

Tender & juicy chicken cutlet noodle

As we were leaving, we found Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist (基记面家).  So the next day, we made our way to Hong Lim again.  As we were early, there was only a short queue at the stall.  It occupies 2 lots on the first floor of the food centre.

The famous Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist (基记面家) stall

We ordered a bowl of wanton noodle and a bowl of wanton soup.  The noodles at Ji Ji are slightly thicker but still have a springy texture.  The sauce was a little too sweet for my liking though.

The slightly thicker noodles is served with slices of mushrooms and vegetables

Wanton soup also served with lots of vegetables

The wantons were tasty and packed with minced pork and a whole shrimp too.

We also tried out wanton noodle from this stall –  胖仔祥晓腊云吞面 located at Block 85, Redhill Market.

Stall is located in Block 85, Redhill Market

The noodles were good too and it came with lots of green chillies.  The winner though was the BBQ pork or char siew.  The thick lean meat was juicy and succulent doused in a thick sweet sauce.

More food discovery coming soon so stay tuned.


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