2014 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

The 2014 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix was held in Melbourne on 16 March 2014.  The event was held over 4 days with free admission to the public on Thursday.

We stayed in Albert Road Apartments as the race venue, Albert Park, is just across the road from the apartment.  Gate 3 is the nearest gate to the apartment.  For those taking public transport, there is a tram stop just right in front of Gate 3.

A carnival like atmosphere filled Albert Park when we arrived.  At the Legends Lane, one can find tents set up by the major teams selling merchandise to earn extra money for the teams.  The more popular teams’ tents were doing brisk business.

Patrons were treated to ‘Sounds on the Circuit’ on the main stage with music from popular Australian acts.

Hungry patrons can also head here to satisfy their hunger from an array of catering facilities.

Some of the food stalls at the Australian Grand Prix

The Johnnie Walker Whisky Bar is also available for patrons to quench their thirst on a hot sunny day.

A statue of Johnnie Walker at the Johnnie Walker Whisky Bar

The Australian Grand Prix was a good day out for the whole family with a series of events and activities catering to the young and young at heart :).

A kangaroo man entertaining patrons

Aspiring racers got to experience driving in a F1 car, albeit in a race simulator.

After the ‘race’ and full of ‘sweat’, these racers get a free hair wash too, courtesy of Clear Men shampoo.

We headed to the track after checking out all the happenings around the track to get ready for the main action.

School kids having a field trip at the track

The Fire Marshall and Fire & Rescue Squad car on standby

We saw a couple of support races as well as aerial displays by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes team and F/A-18 flying displays.

The support races

Aerial display by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes team

Another formation by the Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes team

And finally………………we saw the cars built to new rules (beginning 2014) for the first time.  One thing I noticed was the sound from the cars was not so deafening.  In fact some fans were disappointed and complained about the more muted sound!!  Another uncharacteristic feature of the new F1 car was tyre screeching – it was a surprise to most of the race goers when they heard that. Well I guess by now fans are getting used to it.

The 2014 Red Bull team car has the best livery

It was also the debut race for local hero, Daniel Ricciardo.  He finished the race in second place but was later disqualified due to a fuel rule infringement.  He later went on to win his first Grand Prix at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix in June.

The local hero, Daniel Ricciardo

Romain Grosjean drove his Lotus into the gravel trap

I have been to the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka prior to attending the Australian Grand Prix.  I personally prefer the Australian Grand Prix as the venue is easier to access and there are more activities and events lined-up for patrons.






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