klia2 – Part 2

Pictorial report of my visit to the klia2 Open Day continues.  Read Part 1 of the report here.  

To go for a full tour of klia2, one needs a boarding pass.

Visitors passing through security before the tour of klia2

The departure gates at the Domestic Departure. The airport has 60 gates in both the Domestic and International Departures

Travellers can still do last minute shopping before boarding their flights

Seating at the departure gate

Priority seats are also available

Visitors are taken by bus for a tour of the apron, taxiway and the runway.

Buses ferrying visitors for a tour of klia2

klia2 has 80 aerobridges

Runway 15/33 is the third runway at KLIA

View of klia2. The control tower on the left is the tallest control tower in the world. It measures 141.3m. The Main Terminal is connected to the Satellite building via a Skybridge

After the tour of the runway, visitors disembark at one of the arrival gates.

Visitors walking towards the International Arrival Hall in the Skybridge

The long walk to the Arrival Hall

Limited seats are available for travellers to take a short break before continuing towards Arrival Hall

This 300m Skybridge is the first in Asia and only the third airport Skybridge in the world

When you see this baggage information board, you know you are near the exit

Last stretch of the walk to the Arrival Hall

Before that, don’t forget to collect your luggage. There are 10 conveyor belts – 2 for domestic and 8 for international

Trolleys all ready to be used. Finishing touches yet to be completed during the tour

Last but not least, the Customs Check. These Customs officers graciously posed for me 🙂

The International Arrival Hall

klia2 is easily accessible through public transport.  In fact there is a Transportation Hub located on Level 1 of gateway@klia2.  Public transport available are Express Rail Link (both KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit), airport express buses, inter-city express buses and taxis.

However there is no shuttle between KLIA and KLIA2 on the airside.  To get between these two terminals, travellers will have to transfer on the landside using the Express Rail Link.  It costs RM2.00 for the 4 minute journey.

One-stop transport hub @ klia2

After touring the runway and the Arrival level, I continued the tour to the International Departures.

Manual immigration counters

Autogates for Malaysian biometric passports

Walking inside the Skybridge towards the departure gates

The high ceilings with lots of natural lighting gives an airy feeling on the Skybridge

Travolators are available to get passengers to their departure gates in a timely manner. The same facility is also available for Arrivals

For transit passengers, there is a hotel inside the terminal itself, Sama-Sama Express Hotel, klia2.

Sama-Sama Express Hotel, klia2 mock room

On the land side, the closest hotel is Tune Hotel which is directly connected to the klia2 terminal via a covered walkway and link bridge.

View of klia2 with the world’s tallest control tower on the left and Tune Hotel on the right

In conclusion, travellers on low cost carriers will now be served in a more comfortable and less chaotic environment.


2 responses to “klia2 – Part 2

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I’ll be using the terminal in September and this information will come in handy.

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