Adelaide Granada Motor Inn

Base for the Adelaide trip was at this hotel in the suburbs of Adelaide.  We stayed here for our 2 stints – when we first arrived and the last night after returning from Melbourne.

One of the reasons this hotel was chosen was the availability of car parking facilities as we had a rented car for this trip.  The hotel is made up of 2 blocks of 2-storey buildings – an old block and another newer one.

Hotel compound with car park

On arrival, we got an early check-in as our room was ready and the check-in process was quick.  We stayed in the older building and our room is located at the back of the building, hence more quiet.

We booked a double room.  The room was basic but spacious and, most importantly, clean.

There was a wardrobe, a writing desk and a small dining table.  A microwave, fridge, toaster, kettle and basic cutlery were also provided.

Layout of the older room

The small dining table was just big enough for breakfast during our stay.  Breakfast was prepared in the shared kitchen provided by the hotel for guests who want to cook their own meals.

The small dining table which we utilized fully

Breakfast complete with bacon…………:)

Though hotel is located in the suburbs, a bus stop with buses to the city is only 20m away.  Bus frequency is every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off peak hours.  It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to the city.

Burnside Village shopping mall with a Coles supermarket in it is only 700m or about 10min walk away.  There is a Mexican restaurant at the hotel as well.

On our return from Melbourne, we decided to stay in the same hotel as we anticipated we would arrive late from Melbourne – as such it would be easier as we need not go to an unfamiliar part of the city.  We arrived at the hotel past 9pm.  The receptionist was very efficient in the check-in process this time as well.

On our second stint, we got a room in the newer building which is a bit smaller but with newer furnishings.

The layout in the newer room which is less spacious

Newer fittings in the bathroom

We had a rattling door in the previous room but this time, the door was more solid and did not rattle when it was windy outside.

The more solid door

This newer room comes with a couch which we didn’t really get to enjoy as we checked-out very early the next morning to catch our flight home.

The couch which we didn’t really get to enjoy



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