Adelaide Central Market

This year’s first holiday was to Adelaide.  Flew AirAsia X from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide – booked the tickets during the launch of this new route last year.  All in return fare for two was RM1,585.00 including Quiet Zone seats, 20 kg baggage and meals.

Our first stop after arriving in Adelaide was South Australia Visitor Info Centre to get some information and brochures.  Then we walked along King William Street to Central Market.

This bustling market at the heart of Adelaide began in 1869 when a small group of market gardeners carted their fresh produce to be sold.

A memorial plague commemorates the Central Market’s history

Today, this large multicultural market has 80 shops under its roof selling a wide variety of goods – from food to flowers, fresh seafood to poultry & meat and confectionery to cakes.

This shop is family owned and managed since 1985

Bacon anyone?

This famous landmark of Adelaide attracts not only tourists but also locals who shop here for their groceries and fresh produce.

The moment I stepped into the market, I was immediately attracted by the rainbow colours of fresh produce on offer.  No wonder locals love to shop here for their vegetables, fruits and daily groceries need.

A variety of potatoes & fresh vegetables waiting for shoppers

Colourful display of fruits to entice shoppers

I had the urge to buy some bread as I walked past this bakery as the smell of freshly baked bread permeated the air.

Visitors can also sample a wide variety of local, international and premium cheese from the 10 or so cheese shops in the market. Some of these shops hold regular cheese tasting sessions as well as cheese appreciation courses.

The name says it all

Local, imported and premium cheese…………heaven for cheese lovers

And there is no better way to end the shopping trip by indulging in some mouth-watering chocolatey treats.

Chocolate lovers will love this shop

The Central Market is definitely a must visit in Adelaide especially if you are a foodie for its endless variety of fresh produce and also gourmet products.  Best of all is one can also have a meal from a selection of hole-in-the-wall stalls to full fledge cafes inside the market.

Shopper can drop by this cafe for a meal after grocery shopping


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