2014 Chinese New Year – Part 2

I was in Mid Valley City and took the opportunity to snap some photos of the Chinese New Year decorations.  Themed ‘Joy & Jubilance’ (喜气洋洋), Mid Valley Megamall treats shoppers with a display of lanterns in various colours throughout the mall.  The lanterns are more contemporary in its design and shape but it’s still a sight to behold.

In the Centre Court, colourful screens are put up – they also function as dividers for the various stalls set up around the court.

Amongst them are the traditional couplet and knotting arts stalls.  So if you want to decorate your house to usher in The Year of The Horse, be sure to drop by.

Pots of colourful flowers also add to the feeling that spring has arrived.

A prancing floral printed life-sized horse greets shoppers at Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall.  A plethora of giant cherry blossoms made from the traditional Chinese umbrellas also make shoppers feel ‘A Blossom of Happiness’.

The feeling is further enhanced when one comes face to face with the rest of the 11 adorable floral print Chinese zodiacs.

An astrology prediction of what lay ahead is placed with each zodiac sign.  Lucky numbers for each animal are also printed and I even overheard a group of aunties busy calling their ‘agents’ to place their 4-D bets!!

Also on display are lighted lanterns hanging from giant cherry blossom trees.  These lanterns are adorned with auspicious inscriptions and well-wishes.

As with last year, my favourite this time is the decoration at Pavilion.  A permanent fixture is the red lanterns hanging from their high ceiling that greets shoppers to the mall.

With the theme ‘688 Trail of Fortune’ and to usher in the Year of The Horse, 688 horses are custom-made to share prosperity and good fortune with shoppers.

As one steps into the mall, one is bathed in more red colour!!  To get to the Centre Court, shoppers have to walk through a row of red lanterns and blossoming red flowers.

A small Chinese garden complete with a golden pavilion and archway await shoppers in the Centre Court.

The ‘688 Trail of Fortune’ which starts at the entrance continues here as well.

Another signature feature of Pavilion is how they optimise their high ceiling in the Centre Court for impact – hanging red lanterns from its tall ceiling.

Kids also get to enjoy a ride on the carousel (merry-go-round) located in the Centre Court.

This wraps up my report on this year’s Chinese New Year decorations.

Here’s wishing your Year of the Horse sparkles with Joy, Good Luck & Good Fortune.



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