2014 Chinese New Year – Part 1

In less than a week, Chinese all over the world will be celebrating the Spring Festival (春节).  The Horse will be taking centre stage this year and will reign for the next 12 months.

Shopping malls have put up decorations to welcome the Year of The Horse since early this year.  Stalls selling various items related to the Spring Festival are also set up in these malls to attract shoppers and visitors.

I noticed this year, the themes are more varied but the decorations are not as impressive and somehow a little scaled down from previous years.

This is Part 1 of my mall hopping report on this year’s Chinese New Year decorations.

The first mall I visited was 1-Utama Shopping Centre.  The mall’s theme this year is ‘In The Mood For Red’.

Unlike previous years, they didn’t build any stage in the centre court.  In its place is a 3-storey pavilion complete with rotating lanterns.

The centrepiece pavillion

To be honest I was a little disappointed with their decorations.  I felt it was a little too bare and not as elaborate as those of previous years.

Even their stalls are really bare………..with only 4 frames!

The very basic stall set-up

And to fill up the space, they erected gondola-like structure in between the stalls.  Perhaps they needed the space for the acrobatic lion dance performances.

Decoration on the first floor

Next on my mall hopping mission was The Curve.  The centre court is transformed into a park and decorated with cherry blossom trees in full bloom, in-line with their theme ‘A New Beginning’.

Red lanterns lit the path

The park also had benches so visitors are able to sit down and admire the scene of cherry blossoms with lighted red lanterns suspended from the trees.

Red lantern with the words 如意吉祥 which means auspicious

With a creative mind, one can imagine that one is actually admiring the ‘real’ cherry blossom party in one of the parks in Japan :).

I also hopped to Ikano Power Centre next door to check out the decorations.  As with previous years, the deco is really simple.

One item that stood out was this golden horse that is up for sale for RM11,800!!  Any takers?

Over at Bangsar Shopping Centre, the main features used in their decorations are fans and red lanterns.

2 arches decorated with fans are built at each end with stalls selling Chinese New Year goodies set-up in between.

Stalls set up in BSC selling CNY goodies

Will be sharing more in my coming blog post…………………..


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