2013 Christmas

Time flies and we are in the final month of 2013.  In two weeks time, it’s Christmas!!  By now, shopping malls in the country are all decked for the festive occasion to attract shoppers and visitors.  I love checking out the Christmas decorations put up by the shopping malls around Klang Valley.

This year’s Christmas theme for 1-Utama Shopping Centre is ‘It’s Christmas………Believe!’  The centre court is filled with floating hot air balloons with Christmassy prints.

These balloons are taking flight with wooden rocking horses, the highest at 20 feet above ground.  I sure hope the horses are securely tied to the balloons!

These colourful pull horses are also laden with gifts and presents ready to be delivered to deserving kids perhaps?

Gifts and presents are also found all over the place.

There are four rocking horses in each corner of the centre court for kids to ride on.

Stalls selling Christmas related items such as 3D-cards, Christmas trees deco & accessories, etc are also set up to entice shoppers.

Stalls selling Christmassy stuff

3-D cards anyone?

Over at Suria KLCC, the theme is ‘Come Home For Christmas’ and to stay true to the theme, they built a cozy fireplace with a giant Teddy bear and Santa Claus as the centerpiece.

However the Santa Claus looks a little weird though but I love the cute giant Teddy bear.

They also have a wooden rocking horse but this is just a decorative item and not for kids to ride on.

Another interesting deco item they put up to reflect the theme is a dining table all set up to receive guests on the first floor near the exit to KLCC park.  The set-up is complete with chandelier and full with Christmas feast!!  Looks really inviting and one wished one can sit down at the table and feast on all the goodies laid out.

This soft teddy bear and toys are placed under a Christmas tree near the dining table to give it a more homely feel.

Soft and cuddly teddy bears are placed on top of stalls around the mall.  They really look so cute that I wished I could bring them home.

Stepping into Mid Valley Megamall, one felt like having a white Christmas as white is the dominant colour used in their deco.

Themed ‘A Christmas Surprise’, they are using a ‘recycle’ concept.  ‘Old’ Christmas songs music notes sheets are used to wrap the castle and some of the pine trees.

White paper decorative items hanging from the top look like they are representing snow.

‘Snowing’ in Mid Valley

Snow does fall onto the Centre Court though every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at selected times and ‘snowflakes’ are trapped on the pine trees.

Similar to previous years, giant Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments and accessories to enhance the festive feel and mood.

In the North Court, there is a Whimsical Carousel Ride to entice kids and it’s quite popular with children and parents.

Goodies bag on sales


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