Lombok Escapade

When AirAsia launched flights to the island of Lombok, I took advantage of the RM 88 launch fares.  So off I went for a short rest and relaxation holiday on this island in the West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Lombok is located just next to the more famous island of Bali.  People can travel between these two islands either by air or sea.  Unlike its more popular neighbour, Lombok is less developed, yet it has plenty to offer to tourists from its long sandy beaches, coral reefs of Gili islands to the mighty Mount Rinjani, an active volcano.

Base for this holiday was at Sengigi Beach Hotel in Sengigi, the main tourist strip on this island.  First day of the holiday was spent exploring the shops in Sengigi.

The next day, we hired a guide to take us around the island.  First stop was Pura Batu Bolong,  one of the many Hindu temples found on the island.  Though the majority of the island’s native Sasaks are Muslim, the legacy of Hinduism is still prevalent throughout the island.

Pura Batu Bolong is located above a black rock near SenggigiBeach.  The temple got its name from the rock which has a hole in the middle.

An altar for the Monkey God, Hanuman is housed in the temple.

We then travelled inland towards East Lombok and passed a lot of padi (rice) fields.  As Lombok is rich in volcanic soil, it’s no surprise that farming is one of the main economic activities and padi fields dominate the island’s landscape.

We visited the village of Pringgasela.  This Sasak village is known for it’s traditional hand weaving.  There is a lumbung or rice barn in each of this village. Lumbung is built with an elevated floor using wood for pillars, bamboo for walls and a bonnet shape roof made from alang-alang (elephant grass).

Lumbung or rice barn in Pringgasela Village

Most houses in this village are also built with wood, bamboo and thatched roof.

Almost all households will have a woman working in front of their houses weaving away colourful patterns and turning them into table cloths, shawls, sarung, etc. for their use as well as for sale to tourists to generate income for the family.

Our last stop for the day was Tanjung Aan in the southern part of the island.  Tanjung Aan has a long wide strip of sandy beach with clear turquoise seawater.  One of the unique feature of this place is one side of the beach has smooth white sand like pepper while the beach on the other side consists of rough brown sands.

The smooth white sand beach of Tanjung Aan

The rough brown sands beach, Tanjung Aan

The rough brown sands

Separating these two beaches is a big rock with a great view of the ocean at the top.

For the rest of the holiday, we spent exploring Sengigi Beach near our hotel.  These boats mooring at Sengigi Beach take tourists out for island hopping trips.

This beach also has sufficient waves to attract surfers to catch the waves.

This beach is popular with tourists as well as locals.  They come here with their families for a swim or just relax and watch the sunset.

Tourists and locals at Sengigi Beach

Sunset over Sengigi Beach

Dusk at Sengigi Beach

Sun setting over the horizon


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