Food trail in Bentong

I have been reading about an ice-cream shop in Bentong and I told myself that I will try it out one day.  So during one of the long weekends, I made a day trip to Bentong to check the place out for myself.

Our first stop was at Kopitiam Yuen Kee (源记茶餐室).  This kopitiam is located on Jalan Chui Yin, near the wet or morning market.  The eatery was already crowded when we arrived at 9 am.  We waited briefly for a table.

The famous stall in Yuen Kee is Hooi Kee Wan Tan Mee (开记云吞面).  This wan tan mee stall is very popular with locals and visitors from out of town.  The stall dished out bowls & bowls of wan tan mee non-stop while we were there.

Hooi Kee Wan Tan Mee (开记云吞面) stall

We had to wait for 15 minutes for this bowl of wan tan mee.  The noodles are springy and there is no alkaline taste.  Portion is quite generous too – cost RM3.80.

Another popular stall in this kopitiam is Kong Sai style Yong Tau Foo.  One is spoilt for choice with the variety of yong tau foo on offer.  They offered fried economy noodles and chee cheung fun to go with the yong tau foo.

We ordered a plate of chee cheung fun to go with yong tau foo.  One tip is must eat the dish with the thick sauce as it tastes quite unique.  The yong tau foo are filled with fresh fish paste and minced pork.

There is also a mixed rice stall with a variety of dishes.  They all look so good, too bad we didn’t have any more space in our tummies to try it out.  Oh well, there is always another trip :).

Another must try when in Bentong is the infamous home-made ice-cream at the legendary Warung Ais Krim Kow Po.  This family run business has been has been around for more than 30 years.  The business was started by Tan Soon Chuan in 1956 and inherited by Tan Kow Po who is also known as Bentong Ice-Cream Uncle.

We tried one of Kow Po’s other specialties – cendol ABC with ice-cream.  There was nothing special on the ABC and it doesn’t have enough gula melakaAt RM4.00 per bowl, it is not cheap either.

The various ingredients for the ABC – red bean, cendol, sweet corn

The star is definitely the ice-cream. It’s richer and creamier than most of the commercial types and less sweet.  As it’s made from natural ingredients, it also has a lighter taste and flavour. So try to go for those with stronger flavour like durian & coconut. We tried the coconut and banana and pandan. My verdict is coconut is the best followed by banana and pandan.  Other flavours available are durian, peanut, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and strawberry.


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