2013 Hari Raya

In a week’s time, Malaysia will celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa.  Our Muslim friends will celebrate the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer.

We will once again witness the balik kampung exodus as the majority of people will leave Klang Valley to return to their respective hometowns and villages for the celebrations.  Malaysians will also take this opportunity to celebrate and travel especially as it will be a long weekend.

As in the past, shopping malls are already decorated in the festive theme for the past month to attract shoppers and visitors.  I managed to visit a few malls in Klang Valley to capture the mood of the festivities.

A Minangkabau style house complete with a small compound is the centerpiece at Suria KLCC Concourse.

Themed ‘A Celebration of Traditions’, Raya elements are also put up in different parts of the mall.

The house features a living and dining room complete with furniture.  Unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside the house.

Electric oil lamps or pelita

Of course, stalls selling Raya goodies are set up in the Concourse.

At Paradigm Mall, the theme is ‘Gema Irama Aidil Fitri’.

The stage is in the shape of a rebana, a type of traditional music instrument that is popular amongst the Malay.  TV3, a free to air Malaysian TV station,  recorded their ‘Sampaikan Raya 2013’ programme here.

Paradigm Mall used other traditional Malay handicrafts like waus and sarungs as part of their decorations.


‘Pillars of Celebration’ is the theme of the decorations in 1 Utama Shopping Mall.  The ground floor of the Oval Concourse has a double storey structure in the shape of oasis palm tree.

The top level is a stage while shoppers shop below.

As the name suggests, the structure has a lot of pillars decorated with geometric patterns and kerongsangs.


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