Breakfast in Hong Kong

Congee and dim sum are popular choices for breakfast in Hong Kong.  Eateries offering congee and dim sum are everywhere in Hong Kong.

On our way to Cheung Chau, we stopped by Wai Kee Congee (威記粥店) in Central for their famous congee and fried dough fritters.  It is a small shop in Stanley Street.  Apparently the place is popular with locals and can get crowded during breakfast and lunch.  We were at the shop after 9am, avoiding the crowd.

We ordered a bowl of slice fish congee (鱼片粥) and local style congee (艇仔粥), fried dough fritters (油炸鬼) or youtiao (油条) and steamed turnip cake (萝卜糕).

The congee was smooth but I find it a bit too watery.  I prefer thicker congee.  They are quite generous with the minced beef, cuttlefish and fish maw in my bowl of congee.

The fried dough fritters was crispy and not too oily and best of all, they are made on the spot.  The turnip cake was average but I can taste bits of turnip.

I wanted to try the other food in their menu such as rice dumpling (粽), ‘ham jin peng’ and fried noodles but was already full.  Maybe another visit to the shop on my next visit to Hong Kong.  Cost of the meal was HKD49.

The kitchen

I had always wanted to try out Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好運點心), the cheapest Michelin-starred Restaurant which was awarded to the original outlet in Mongkok.  This outlet however has now closed.  I was so happy to read that they have opened a branch in North Point, where I was staying :).

On the last day, we went to tarpau /takeaway ( 外卖 as the Hongkies called it) dim sum for lunch.  Top on the list was their signature dish, BBQ pork bun (叉烧包) which is baked and not the usual steamed version.  The buns were absolutely delicious with its crispy skin on the outside and juicy BBQ pork filling.

The steamed egg cake (香滑马拉糕)  was another winner – fluffy, light with just the right level of sweetness.

The steamed shrimp dumplings (鲜虾饺) and pork dumplings with shrimp (鲜虾烧卖) were very fresh with a lot of juicy shrimp.

The deep fried dumpling with meat (家乡咸水角) was also good with a combination of savoury and sweet taste .  The dough was not too oily and the meat fillings were juicy and tasty.

Cost of this takeaway lunch was HKD91.


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