Dining at 35,000 feet

We flew on AirAsia to Hong Kong recently.  We normally have our meals at the airport prior to boarding the plane, especially for short flights.

For the HK trip, we made a slight change and pre-booked our meals as it was a late afternoon flight.  Lucky that we did as the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes.  By the time we landed in HKIA, it was past 6 pm. Had we not eaten on the flight, we might have needed to take our dinner at the HK airport on arrival!

We ordered Asian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay and Roast Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce.  These two items are new in the AirAsia Café menu.

AirAsia has definitely improved in the F&B department.  The food presentation is much better.  Previously, the meals were packaged in generic looking plain tin foil containers with a small label.

Now the meals are served in a brightly printed foil tray.  The cover featured a photo of the food and contains information on ingredients and nutrition – information that food allergy sufferers will welcome.  It definitely looks more appealing compared to previous meals we had onboard.

Surprisingly, both the meals we ordered were tasty and good too though the portions were still quite small.  I have tried a few items on their menu and these 2 dishes are the better ones that I have tasted from AirAsia Café.  I will not hesitate to order these again.


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