2013 Japanese Spring – Yummylicious Food

One of the highlights of any trip is to sample the local food.  For this trip, I got to enjoy a selection of my favourite Japanese food.  The most memorable was the Kobe beef lunch :).

My first meal of the trip was a simple saba set in one of the restaurants near our hotel in Kyoto.

Saba set at Kyoto station

This bento set was good for someone like me who wanted to eat everything – tempura, sushi and soba.

Just looking at the giant hand holding the sushi, one gets some idea what to expect from this eatery in Dotonbori. This is a conveyor belt sushi outlet where all sushi are priced at ¥130 (about RM4.50) per plate.

It was a good deal as there was generous amount of sushi and topping.  Best of all, all the seafood were really fresh and tasty.  Here are a selection of the sushi we ate – scallop, unagi, salmon, tuna and prawn.

While in Osaka, we also tried okonomiyaki in this restaurant called Boteju.  Okonomiyaki or known as Japanese pancake or sometimes Japanese pizza is a popular dish in the Kansai and Hiroshima areas.  The main ingredients are batter and cabbage.  Other ingredients that are added vary greatly from meat, seafood (shrimp, octopus, squid), vegetables and cheese.

Okonomiyaki is a popular dish in Kansai region and Hiroshima

Had this fried oyster set in Miyajima as oysters are the island’s speciality.

Also tried this tempura prawn set.  Both sets were really good as the seafood were fresh and still retain some juiciness.

On our last day in Hiroshima, we had dinner in this restaurant where the menu are all in Japanese and the staff don’t speak English. So food selection is all based on the photo in the menu.

Just pick by choosing what looked most appetising

Here are what we ate – chicken salad as starter.

Yakitori as side.

And okonomiyaki (again) and fresh sashimi as mains.

When in Hiroshima, eat okonomiyaki 🙂

All seatings in the eatery are in private rooms of different sizes so that diners have their own privacy.


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