2013 Chinese New Year

Malaysia is a multi racial country, with Malay, Chinese and Indian races making up close to 90 percent of the population.  Due to this, Malaysia celebrates a few major religious festivals, namely Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.

During these festive seasons, shopping malls throughout the country will invest in decorating their malls in the respective festive theme.  In the past, it was only during Christmas that the malls were decked out in Christmas decorative, now the malls do it for all the major festivals to attract shoppers and visitors.

For the 2013 Chinese New Year celebrations in February, the common theme used by the shopping malls was the ‘tanglung’ (灯笼)  or Chinese lanterns.

My favourite this year was by Pavilion.  With the theme ‘Circles of Prosperity ‘, the shopping mall was decorated with 2,000 red and gold tanglungs and longevity koi.

Bird’s eye view of Pavilion’s Centre Court

Red Chinese lanterns and art bazaar at the Centre Court

View from the Spanish Steps

Koi fish lanterns

12 life sized Chinese zodiac characters greeted visitors at the main entrance.

Golden Street was 1-Utama’s theme for this year’s CNY, depicting the old days of Hong Kong streets with protruding shop signboards.

They also used plenty of tanglungs in their decoration.

Mid Valley Megamall was full of cherry blossoms, potted plants and flowers and lime trees signifying A Thousand Blooms, A Thousand Blessings for the Year of the Snake.

Peach trees in full bloom

Lime (吉) plants to signify 大吉大利 (Good luck)

It truly felt like spring has arrived.

Celebration of Spring was the theme of The Curve for 2013.  It’s Centre Court area was turned into a Chinese bamboo garden complete with a pavilion.

Other malls using tanglung as the main feature are Bangsar Shopping Centre and Fahrenheit 88.

Spring Festival @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Fahrenheit 88


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