2013 Japanese Spring – Day 9 : Osaka

Last day of the holiday.  Took the shinkansen Nozomi 112 from Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka and changed to Limited Haruka Express for Kansai International Airport.

Stored our luggage in the coin operated lockers.  The lockers can accommodate large size luggage bag.

Arrival Level

Departure Level

Then I boarded the train back to Osaka for last minute souvenir shopping in Namba area.  With the Sanyo Area Pass, I didn’t have to pay for this ride.

Kansai Airport JR station

First stop was Shinsaibashi (心斎橋), a covered shopping street with over 100 shops.  It’s one of Osaka’s oldest and busiest shopping area.

I emerged from Shinsaibashi into Dotonbori and had lunch in one of the restaurants there.   Couldn’t resist taking another look at the Glico man billboard during daytime.  I prefer it all lit up at night.

Dotonbori during the day

From Dotonbori, I continued shopping at Ebisubashi.  Ebisubashi is another shopping street that has been covered since the Edo period.  It was crowded with shoppers on a Saturday afternoon.

After doing all my shopping and getting all the souvenirs I was looking for, it was time to head back to the airport.  At the airport, took the free shuttle bus from bus stop 1 to Sky View Observation Hall.

Visitors at Sky View Observation Hall

We had a pleasant time plane spotting at the Observation Hall before boarding our flight home.


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