2013 Japanese Spring – Day 4 : Dotonbori, Osaka

Kyoto JR to Osaka JR

Arrived from Kyoto at Shin-Osaka station and transfer to subway Midosuji Line to Namba station.  Camp was at Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka.  This serviced apartment has laundry facilities – it helps us to travel light :).  We rested and waited in the hotel for the rain to ease before going out for dinner in Dotonbori.

Dotonbori is a single street, running alongside the Dotonbori canal.  The street is thronged with restaurants, entertainment outlets and is a shopping haven.

It was relatively quiet as it was a weekday night and also it was a rainy night.

We were spoilt for choice as there are lots of variety to choose from

Giant signs are common with the restaurants in Dotonbori.  Just by looking at the giant sign, one gets some idea of the speciality of the eatery.

This eatery sells takoyaki, octopus balls which Osaka is famous for.

Closer look at how takoyaki is made.

Dinner was at a sushi restaurant where all sushi on the conveyor belt cost ¥130 per plate.

After dinner we walked around Dotonbori to look at the many advertisements and neon signs on both sides of the canal.  We stumbled upon this mechanical drum-playing clown in one of the shops.  I subsequently found out that this was Kuidaore Taro, one of the famous landmarks in Dotonbori.

We then continue to search for the famous giant neon billboard featuring the Glico man and did some shopping before calling it a day.


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