2013 Japanese Spring – Day 3 : Kyoto

We were lucky that the Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatouro 2013 was in progress during our time in Kyoto.  We cut short our day trip to Nara and came back to Kyoto for the Hanatouro event in Yasaka Shrine where the highlight was the Dedication Dance by Geiko or Maiko :).  More info on this here: http://hanatouro.jp/e/higashiyama/index.html.

Hanatouro event leaflet

Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社) was in carnival mood with the illuminations.

Yasaka Shrine illuminated for the spring Hanatouro event

Visitors thronged Yasaka Shrine for the event

There were stalls selling various type of food to cater to visitors.

Then came the evening’s highlight – a performance by the maikos (apprentice geishas). The crowd gathered at the main stage area in anticipation…

Stage for the Dedication Dance performance

And the show begins………………………….

Dedication Dance performed by maikos

The maikos moved gracefully

Watching the show was definitely the highlight of the trip to Kyoto :).


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